Nochoice Magnetic Car Mount Cell for Phones Big Angle Black (3 Magnets + 3 Balls)

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Product Description

The magnetic phone socket can be adhered directly to the back of most phones and hard cases

Magnetic phone socket installation instruction:
1. Use the alcohol pad to clean the back of the phone case completely. Wait for dry.
2. The magnet socket is back with FOAM ADHESIVE tape, peel the adhesive backing carefully
3. Position the magnetic phone socket in the center of the phone or phone case, and then press it firmly
4. After application wait for one hour for durable bond

Note: For any phone with a hard case, after cleaning the phone or case as per instruction above, stick the magnetic phone socket on top of it, following instruction above. Do not use this product on soft and flexible cases

Dash ball mount installation instruction:
1. Before removing the backing, test the position of the dash ball mount in a few different places on dash. For best result, test with phone attached to dash ball mount to choose location.
2. Use the alcohol pad to clean chosen area. Do not use any household cleaners. If the dash ball mount will be installed onto a hard surface such as hard plastic, metal or wood veneer, go to step 3
3. Peel the adhesive backing from dash ball mount carefully, position the ball mount at the dash board and then press firmly into the place
4. Wait for 24 hours before applying device to dash ball mount to allow sufficient cure time for adhesive


  • Triple Kits for best price ! Your Phone, GPS, Tablet, DVR, will all work well.
  • Nochoice Upgraded Car Mount is different from the old version. The horizontal direction, they are both 360 degree, but the vertical direction, new version is 270 degree while the old version is 180 degree. It is necessary change for people using it on the dashboard.
  • This Car Mount Kit includes 3 Magnetic Phone Socket, 3 Ball Mount, 4 alcohol prep pad, 6*3M tapes, and installation instructions
  • Nochoice Magnetic Phone Socket features a powerful neodymium magnet and silicon center to provide a strong grip and smooth glide. The neodymium magnet is safe for use with all phones and tablets
  • Magnetic Phone Socket still works with any other convenient metal surface. So you can attach your phone to refrigerator doors, metal shelving, filing cabinets, toolbox tops, even grocery cart handles-and keep it usable, secure, and easy

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